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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Small little jumper

I've been working on this for the last week.

Its a baby jumper for our friends who had a baby in February. (The pattern is from purlsoho.com and is by Joelle Hoverson. This is such a lovely website, loads of good tutorials and it looks generally beautiful). Just knitted in Sirdar Snuggly as its washable and will hopefully stand up to being worn by a little person. I've knitted it for age 6 months to a year but having to knit very loose as my gauge is always too tight and I have to go up usually one whole needle size any time I knit from a pattern. Does anyone else have this problem? Or the other way round, that they knit too loose. I'm not really liking knitting so loose. I feel my knitting also looks tidier when its tight. Never mind. I'm looking forward to starting my mohair lace cardigan one day soon. Have a lovely evening xxx

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  1. Hi GOOSE -"D-I-L"!............."You are one of a kind by God's design. I delight in those things that make you unique".........Your freindship blesses my heart !I wear my lovely socks with the warm thoughts that they are knitted by the hands of the person ,who now takes care of our son .Life is like a teapot , thanks for pouring out warm beautifull socks for me .Love Your M-I-L XX


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