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Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Ma's Sockos

Well I certainly knit like the wind to get these finished and I'm so happy I have. I thought I'd still be doing them tomorrow as well so I was very pleased to finish them this morning.

Now I have to wrap them and make them look lovely in order to "present" them tomorrow! I only say that because Ma (my MIL) is amazing at wrapping and presenting things - she could make a potato look beautiful! She is also a wonderful friend and its a great blessing we get on so well :)
I have to say a big thank you to a Christadelphian brother who has a fantastic website of Bible talks. I always listen to talks while I knit as its a good opportunity to be creative and study at the same time and I certainly made good use of it on this occasion. I highly recommend it.
This weekend I hope to see lots of birdies, possibly make a dress and pay a visit to John Lewis to purchase some yarn, and also to have a lovely time with my parents in law. Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the bank holidays and four day weeks xxx

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