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Thursday, 16 April 2009

Pretty dress coming up...

I spent a lot of last weekend slaving away over this dress, with some help from Ma.

I finished it yesterday but am hopefully going to take some photos of me wearing it on Saturday in the park, as the fabric I've used is really pretty and spring like. Its a Laura Ashley fabric. This was supposed to be an "easy" pattern, but I've only ever made one other thing which is this top I made a few months ago. My parents in law came over for the day and Ma gave me a lesson in using dress patterns.

Needless to say, I'd forgotten a fair amount of it by the time I came to make the dress this weekend!
Unfortunately I didn't get the quilt finished for Romania on Wednesday. I've never done machine quilting and it takes a little getting used to. I was also rushing it and ending up with not at all straight quilting lines. Here it is before I started quilting. I know I said I wasn't going to show unfinished projects but I've been going on about this so here it is.

Not very exciting but I'm sure a little child would love the arctic animals print.
I'm now debating whether to begin the Robin hat or wait for this to arrive so I can begin my Mohair Lace Cardigan. I wanted it to go with the dress and the green of the Kidsilk Haze goes perfectly. Also the fabric used in the original pattern only comes in cream, bright pink and black. The KSH ws a slightly more pricey choice but I'm hoping will look beautiful.
Ahh ok, off to do some revision for my IT course now.
Have a lovely day x Sam

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