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Thursday, 12 March 2009

Too many ideas...

I've been finding I'm having so many ideas for a new project, so many media to use, like drawing, painting, textile printing, knitting, sewing... that I need to properly concentrate on it and plan it out. I've decided to finish the two patchwork projects I'm working on as one of them is dragging a bit anyway, so I can properly concentrate on my new ideas.
I just bought Country Living magazine which I kind of discovered last month. My mum always used to get it but that was in the days before I liked the things I now like, and I didn't appreciate how lovely it is. I've been trying to find a magazine that isn't full of sex and unpleasantness, but full of nice things that make me smile :) This issue has a really sweet article on how to make little easter eggs with children and one of the ideas was to cover them with used stamps before varnishing. Really effective. Anyway, I'm trying to save the issue so just had a quick look whilst having my lunch. There's a really good offer actually, to buy a book on sustainable living which is usually £25 for just the cost of postage. I'm really thinking more about sustainability at the moment. I'd love to grow my own vegetables but we don't have a garden so that will have to wait. We don't really have anywhere inside to put them either. I have a coriander on the windowsill which lives through peaks and troughs of existence (mostly troughs!) and my husband has some house plants from Ikea which we bought nearly five years ago, which are flourishing and getting huge. Good job we have three metre high ceilings!
I'm debating on going to buy some muslin or linen this afternoon to have a go at embroidery, which will be a part of this big project... but I shouldn't and I've already said I'm not going to start it yet, though I will be doing some drawing on Saturday morning as we're going to some lakes and the subject of my ideas will hopefully be rife there.
Ok, time to get on with some work. Byeee x

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