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Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Rediscovering Creativity

Although I have a degree in Fine Art, I think the pressure to produce a load of paintings for my degree show took its toll on my love of painting and drawing and I purposefully distanced myself from doing anything art related for a long while. After a few years (!) had passed, I really felt the need to do something creative again and decided out of the blue to take up knitting, because it was creative, non smelly (unlike oil painting) and didn't take up loads of space. I bought the book, "Knitting for Dummies", and began producing lots and lots of little samples...

I'm rather a perfectionist and although I had great knitting ambitions, I didn't want to start something big without knowing how to tackle it properly. I churned these out for several months, mostly in the evenings as I was working at the time, and finally I felt I was able to make a "thing", which was this heart from the book "Vintage Hearts and Flowers" by Kate Haxell.

Since then I guess I've come on in leaps and bounds. I mean I'm not that advanced technique wise, and my next big knitting project will hopefully be a baby jumper knitted in the round, but I've gone from just over a year ago making little squares to making beanie hats, socks on dpns and a lovely cable cardigan which are all on Ravelry, though I may post some photos of them here at some point.

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