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Monday, 23 March 2009

Last few days

Well I've had a pretty busy weekend, but its not been particularly creative. We had some dear friends for tea on Friday evening and I baked a Clementine Pudding Cake and I used a lovely cut glass cake stand that I haven't used before which was a wedding present (we got married nearly two years ago!)

It seemed to go down well and was good with Creme Fraiche! Ohh I also meant to post a photo of these fantastic books a while ago - I remembered becuase one of the friends who came gave them to me. They are the Vogue Sewing Book from 1964 and Good Housekeeping Sewing Crafts from 1979. Very exciting, especially since not much seems to have changed, apart from sewing machine technology, since they came out. Sewing Crafts is all hand sewing anyway, but the Vogue book will be excellent for when I make a dress for which I've had fabric sitting around for a while now. Hopeing to get that done before a wedding in May but don't know if it'll happen. I was also hoping to knit a cardigan to go with it...

I've done another little drawing of a Female Chaffinch

And turned our dining "area" into a makeshift painting studio

Loads of great natural light from the bay window. So I've done a base coat for these little Robins and was planning to get on with them today but, being a Monday, I've had loads of "stuff" to do and haven't felt in the right mood to carry on with them, though I've been really inspired by reading some blogs, especially Pretty Ditty's. I love her little painted peg dolls, and I also love the way she talked about God in her last post. I'm a very strong believer in God and the Bible but for some reason it can be hard to talk about it openly here in Britain because so many people are opposed to God and religion. I guess America's a much more Christian country, but thanks Pretty Ditty. I should just look at it that this is my blog and should reflect my true personality, of which God is a huge part.
If you want to now more about what I believe, have a look here.
Well there's not that much of the afternoon left so I may crack on with my knitting needle roll or do another birdie drawing.
Have a most wonderful day xxx

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