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Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Some Little Birdies

I've been sketching a little yesterday and today, some birds in preparation for starting to paint. Here's what I've produced so far.

Female Chaffinch with a sunflower seed in her beak


Male Chaffinch

I've made them a bit darker in photoshop so you can see them better. I'm really looking forward to getting into this project. I've also primed my boards for painting today. They're a mixture of sizes but all quite small, smaller than A4, which will be good for me as I usually paint on a large scale. Its reallt been interesting doing these drawings as its really made me look in detail at the, construction, if you like, of the bird, particularly the way the feathers are laid one on top of the other on the wings. You can see that in the Robin.

I went to the National Museum and Art Gallery in town today but it wasn't very impressive really. There were only two painting areas open and the rest was all being changed around so I'll have to go back another time. Going to a clothes swap tonight with some friends from church which should be fun. I'm hoping to find some nice stuff as being... ahem..."independent means" means I can't really buy any clothes.

Have a fun evening whatever you're doing, if anyone's there x

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