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Thursday, 14 April 2011

A new kitchen

Considering interior design is pretty much my absolute favourite thing, I'm surprised at myself at how little I write about it. We've pretty much finished redecorating our "new" house (ok, we moved in a year and a half ago so not entirely new) and although I wrote a fair bit about it to begin with, eg here and here, we'd hardly done anything at that point and I have so much to write about now. We're now on our final project which is the redecorating of the kitchen and fitting of a new one; something I thought we'd not be able to do for about ten years if we were lucky.

Ever since I saw the Lidingo kitchen in Ikea, probably a couple of years ago now, I've planned how I'd design it into our own kitchen, and amazingly we've been able to buy it. I'm not really a fan of gadgety kitchens, so apart from one cupboard which actually has three pull out drawers when you open it, though it looks like a normal single cupboard, we haven't gone for any fancy pull out shelves or anything like that, so it came in ridiculously cheap.

Unfortunately, I can't find a "before" photo, but here are some progress shots.

In the process of taking out the old kitchen, You can see the delightful old pine drawers, which was what the whol kitchen was made from.


Making dinner on the camping gas hob. This has been my hob for some weeks now!

View from the other end (the end I'm in in the previous photo)

Everything ripped out...

...and from the other end.

Bonding on walls before plastering.

Coat of white before painting...

 ...this amazing pink colour! It looks absolutely lush!!! Its Rhubarb by Paint Library.

Marno has set up an amazing makeshift kitchen in the dining room, so I actually still have a working oven, the camping hob, and he's attached a metal hose to the tap so I even stil have running water. He's a practical genius! And I'm sitting here writing about it while he's next door screwing cabinets together. Hmmm...

More photos to come as we make progress.

I am always astonished at how paint, or wallpaper for that matter, can cover the worst walls. I don't mean bad in condition, as we are meticulous with our walls in terms of getting them smooth, but I mean if you have patches of all different colours or finishes, filled in bits and blablabla, a couple of coats of (good) paint just hides all the patchiness underneath. Its very pleasing, and a real reward for all the hard preparatory work.

Ok, I'm off to check on the husband's progress. Bye for now xxx

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  1. That's the kitchen we're going for, too! Well...after we''ve finished the bathroom. And the nursery. Aaand the basement. And about a million other things. Sigh.


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