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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

A few exciting little things

Oh Wow! Its so long since I've sat down at my dining table to write a blog post that it feels rather unusual and exciting. I even have something to blog about, which is a bit of a rarity at the moment, but I finally feel like I want to be making stuff again. I've been having so many ideas lately, which I've been quickly sketching so I don't forget them. I've even been doing some actual sketching, though its not very easy to sketch a nine month old who is wobbling about all over the place (only on his bottom sitting down though, Noah seems to want to miss out crawling and go straight to walking, or, more correctly, running!) though its great for practising speed. I was always better at taking my time with sketching, so its nice to try a different approach.

I'm so pleased with myself as I've finally finished my sample baby changing bag.



I still have about 600 photos to scour through and the pattern to write, but at least the bag is done and I can move on to realising some of my new ideas. Here are just a few of shots I took quickly earlier today. I have to say I just love the main fabric. I had so nearly finished it before Noah came along, so it only took a couple of hours over two evenuings to finish. I wish I'd done it ages ago now.

I've been knitting the Apres Surf Hoodie by Connie Chang Chinchio, which is so enjoyable; its a really nice, fun to knit, pattern and I've learnt how to do a provisional cast on, or rather, tried a couple of the many methods and chose the long-tail provisional cast-on. Here's the back and a close up of the pattern...

Can't wait to block this when its done. I've used Fyberspates Scrumptious and its absolutely perfect for the lace pattern; loads of stitch definition.

I bought this fabric yesterday, in Ikea of all places.

I just think its really fun and fresh, so I'll be using it for my next design - a summer dress.

I was looking through my blog photos folder and realised I hadn't written about wonderwool, so here are a couple of belated photos, firstly of the Scrumptious with one skein of Tall Yarns I forget what and second of some cream merino I've been spinning on the spindle.

Well its certainly nice to have something to write about. I hope it continues.

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