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Thursday, 8 September 2011

After... and before

Oooh, how exciting; blogger have updated the options for designing blogs so I've given myself a little makeover. I adore the leafy background, and the font I've chosen for the blog title... mmmmm :) So I'm planning on a major increase in my blog usage. Actually, my new design has inspired me to do something I meant to do ages ago. When we moved into this house I documented a reasonable amount of the work we did, but I never got round to showing all the rooms in their before and after states. The reason the design inspired me is because it reminds me of our bedroom - gorgeous, soothing green walls with a few dashes of pink and some lovely charcoal grey. A delicious selection of colours!

So, to restart, and also continue, as I wrote about this a couple of posts ago (which have been few and far between of late), we've finally finished our kitchen! I can't believe its actually taken six months, from first stripping off the delightful beige tiles interspersed with mini cottages, with a truely sensational (!) scene of a whole village above the hob - delightful! to putting my lovely new compost caddies in place, which were just delivered this evening. There are still a few things to finish off - please ignore the hideous electrical paraphernalia above the far left window! It will be boxed in eventually. I need to put more stuff on the larger shelves and hang some things from the hooks, put a clock up and other things on the walls, but thats the kind of stuff that comes with time.

The kitchen is long and narrow, so I've started with the far end and I'm kind of going round in a circle clockwise (apart from the next photo which is a little detail). One of my favourite details is the tiling between the hob and extractor fan.

Mmmm lovely bread bin by Falcon from Amazon and Compost caddies by Typhoon, also from Amazon. We chose to grout the tiles in grey because the kitchen joins onto the dining room, which is painted in Silt by Little Greene, which is a grey-brown colour, and the writing on the bread bin and colour of the caddies ties in perfectly.

You can see the electrics peeping out of the top of this photo.

View over the breakfast bar to the far end.

From far end down to sink end. As you can see, there ae plenty of hooks crying out for exciting things to hang from them...

And the breakfast bar end.
Our kitchen is really difficult to photograph due to its narrowness, so I hope you get the picture (no pun intended, chuckle). 

Here are a couple more close ups of little bits I love...

 Little bird cup size measures.

 I love this photo of Marno and me; feels like a long time ago now. This was taken at Grantchester, one of my favourite places in England, even though I've only been there once, but it was in an April and the blossoms were all out, and we had the most delicious cheese scones you can imagine.

I love having a utensil pot!

My spice shelves. Marno thought I should buy identical pots to decant all the spices into (yawn, I certainly don't have time for that!), but prefer them to look used - I'm keepin' it real! Hahaha!

A delightful little brown owl, keeping guard over them. 

In the process of writing this, I remembered I did have some things I was waiting for somewhere to hang, so I rushed upstairs and got them, but photos will have to wait for another time.

I have two more photos, but they're both "befores". I didn't want to spoil the beginning of the post with them ;) but here they are just so you can get the general idea. They were actually taken on our second viewing of the house, so please excuse me and the vendor lady.

Delightful, orange pine units. You can even see a couple of the cottages to the right, though unfortunately we are obscuring the whole village scene with our heads!

Horrible glass cabinet with tinted orangey glass and fake lead. Its incredible how many people thought it was nice, including my mum!!! It looks like something is growing out of the top!

Well, there you have it. A ridiculously long account of our kitchen. Oh no, there was something I wanted to add. It was actually in defence of Ikea, where we got the kitchen from. I read the other day on a blog someone disparaging Ikea and calling it generic (ok, I can't exactly argue with that), but not everyone can afford bespoke furniture, and not everybody has the patience, or indeed time, to scour antiques or flea markets to find the right furniture that way. Yes, Ikea is mass produced, but you can still make it your own by using other things, such as paint and accessories, or whatever you like (incidentally, the paint in the kitchen is Rhubarb by Paint Library). Having said that, we have far less Ikea in our house than we had when we were younger and in our flat. You just have to be selective. We have our own original artworks, and collect things when we go away, so it all adds together to make a lovely portrait of the owners of a home.

Thank you and goodnight!

xxx Sam


  1. Wow, love your kitchen, Sam! Seems like our tastes are quite similar, that's the IKEA kitchen we've decided on too - though we porbably won't be redecorating it for a few years yet. I reckon IKEA is great, they used to have a shoddy reputation for bad customer service and so on, but they have really done something about it and now they have one of the best customer policies around. Also, their warehouses are brilliant for families with small children, and it's easy to navigate with a stroller... :D Sure, it's mass produced, but they have so many different options and compatible parts that you can make it your own anyway.

    I'm almost finished redecorating little Sune's room, and knowing myself I'll be well fed up with redecoration for maybe a week and then I'll start thinking where to start next ... good thing I have a whole farm with three separate houses to dig my hands into ...!

  2. Haha wow Jo, you'll be busy for while then! Yep, I totally recommend this kitchen. I saw it in Ikea a few years ago when they put new displays up and said, "Right, if I could have a new kitchen it'd be that one, and I'd have it like this", and its exactly like I always imagined it. I'm so pleased. Ikea also have good meatballs :)

  3. great job on your kitchen. I am so bad at knowing what looks good together. Amazing :)

  4. Thanks Slovly :) I'm surprised you say that since you're such a talenter artist (just had a look at your blog). I'm sure I find being a painter helps; thinking about what colours to use in a painting, contrasts etc. I think the same principles apply in decorating really.

  5. Sam, I LOVE the reno and it is totally yours, since you were able to do it with Marno and lots of little bits of love! Love the measuring cup birds and so many other touches. I love kitchens and spend quite a bit of time in mine! God bless and be with you in many happy memories to come. Love, Aunt Patty Robinson (Laura's mum!)


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