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Sunday, 11 September 2011

An Acquisition

Ugh, why is the weekend always such an anticlimax? We'd planned to go on a bird walk in the Forest of Dean on Saturday, but Marno had ordered a log store and logs from a company in West Wales, who ended up delivering it on Saturday morning . The guy told Marno the store would take one person two hours to fill with logs, so there went the morning. Then there wasn't time to go anywhere far beyond Cardiff, and it looked like it was going to rain anyway, so what an ideal opportunity to clear out the garage! And so a day had passed, and its been the same as a week day for me (aside from the log delivery and garage clear out!), but an ideal opportunity for Marno to get stuff done that he can't do in the week. It seems life is just like this at the moment; another phase which will pass in time.

In more exciting news, I have acquired a spinning wheel. Its a very traditional wheel, with no clue as to who made it,. Its double drive, which I found out on the internet -  thank you internet! We were searching for a groove or somewhere for the break band to run, and wondering how on earth Marno's grandmother had managed to spin with it (see below).

Ma's been telling me about it for ages; it belonged to her mother, who had sheep and spun their fibre. One of the bobbins still contains some yarn she spun, which isn't wool actually, I'm not sure what it is, but its a gorgeous pinky colour.

Well this was something that required a clear out to find, and I'm so glad it has been! Spindle spinning is a little slow for my liking; I do like to see more result for my effort, and I certainly am on this.

There's more on here from ten minutes here and there over the weekend, than on my spindle I got at Wonderwool this year. I pinched the fibre intended for the spindle too - sorry spindle.

I can't believe how my consistency has improved over such a short time, though it definitely helped that I knew how to draft already. I'm hoping to get to a spinning class at Calon Yarns at some point. Its a lovely craft studio run by lovely Lynne and her brother, Jon, and they hold loads of different craft workshops. They launched just after Wonderwool, which is where I met them.

Unfortunately, my Apres Surf Hoodie is languishing in a corner and I really want to wear it this winter. Thats one thing I really need to do; improve my knitting speed. I'm so slow (in comparison to people who are fast!).

Have a wonderful and productive week, whoever may be reading.

x Sam


  1. Yeh that's how weekends feel to me too, much the same as week days! I'm learning to appreciate that my week days are so much nicer than ben's that I should enjoy every day more.... When I've stopped being sick...
    Been wondering about spinning wool for a while. I would love to buy a special skein of your very own hand spun wool sometime! Xx

  2. Thanks Becky. I fear you'll have to wait a while as I haven't done much yet!
    I think all mummys must feel like that quite often. You're right though, and its such a blessing to be able to stay with our children and be there for them all the time, not having to go to work xxx


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