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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Pretty (random) things

I like to cut out and keep images from catalogues, postcards or anything in paper form that I find inspiring. The thing is, most of the images I like are from magazines which I like to keep intact in general so I can come back to them and flick though without having to hold them together or hold loose bits of paper in place as I read. So I only cut up a magazine if I know I don't want to keep the rest of it. I am a bit pernickerty about things being nicely presented, I must admit, even if its just an old magazine. Anyway, sometimes a lot of time will pass by since I last collected any inspiring images; to the extent that I think, "Oh, I'll keep that image", but then think, "Well what shall I do with it?" And then I remember that I do actually have a sketchbook into which I paste images, just so long a time has gone by that I've forgotten about it. That sounds quite ridiculous for a creative person but I can justify it by saying that so much I look at is online that I don't bother printing it out to stick in a book.

Well a couple of weeks ago I received the Anthropologie catalogue through the door. I have to say I'm not incredibly impressed with their stuff. I ordered it because so many people talk about it and I really expected it to be my kind of shop, but based on having seen the catalogue, it isn't. Its incredibly expensive and I have to say, I can't see the justification. But there were two pages I really loved, and as I didn't want to keep the whole catalogue, they were prime for ripping out! It was this that reminded me of the book, so I racked my brains as to where it was and found lots of other cut outs I hadn't yet stuck in.

I guess the thing of keeping things in this way is that everything in it is insiring to you personally, or appeals to you, for whatever reason.

I generally keep images of interiors and fashion...

... but I love that advertisement for Welbeck Tiles which is peeking out in the centre right.

I'm in the middle of so many projects at the moment, but have hardly any time for any of them. My hinderance is a lovely one though...

This is a few weeks old; my gorgeous little Noah was one last week. Happy birthday my sweetheart xxx

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  1. I agree - anthropologie is overpriced and under impressive. The things look great all styled and grouped together, but if you take most items on their individual merit then they're a bit average. Having said that, they do have good sale offers. We have the regent street and kings road stores in London and I usually have a mooch if I'm passing to see if I can bag a barg. We'd love to have you round next time you're in Hertfordshire visiting marnow's parents! Xxx


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