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Monday, 5 October 2009

Our new house

Here are a few photos of our new house. We've only decorated the living room so far and are having a couple of fireplaces installed. An open fire in the living room and a wood burner in the middle room which is kind of a second living room.

View from the back patio.

Dining area with paint samples on wall and freshly cladded lower wall, to be painted.

The middle room, aka the Africa room. This will be painted yellow and be very cosy. This is the room which will have the log burner.

View of same room from other end.

I'll post some more pics soon but the fireplace men are here at the moment so I don't want to disturb them by taking progress photos around them!

It was my husbie's birthday on Saturday we had a Masquerade breakfast and I made American blueberry pancakes which went down very well :)

I like this photo because I think the paint samples on the wall look quite unusual and
make the roses stand out.


  1. Yes the last picture is quite unique and unusual in general and I'm not in the slightest ironic about that at all. :D

  2. Hahaha thanks Ju'hun. It is a little odd, but you have to admit that you also have your moments... xxx


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