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Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Not much to show for a whole two months!

We've been staying with my parents since 1st July as we're moving house but had to wait to exchange and complete. Hence I've had loads of time this summer to do loads of work. I did a lot of knitting at first, but got more and more frustrated as the exchange on our house was taking so long and couldn't concentrate on anything. My poor cardigan has been neglected for some weeks now, with a finished back and fronts and one nearly finished sleeve. Not a good effort at all!

However, I have finished something, though even that's only in the last couple of days as I determined I had to have a complete "thing" to show.

Yes, its my spinning! I love how it looks on the spindle. Its funny because the colour of the yarn goes really well with the colour of the wood.

I wrapped it round the back of a chair after soaking it in tap hot water with shampoo for a while.

As you can see, there is way too much twist in it after drying. I think I've been rather too generous with my spins and need to spin far more gently.

I rewound it once dry to pull it tight again to try and get rid of the kinks but I don't know how this will knit up. I'm planning on leaving it like this for a long while so hopefully it will just stay in this position when I remove it.

My lucky parents have the product of my art foundation and fine art degree courses in their garage, and I've been looking though my old paintings and found one I'd forgotten about.

Its of one of my old housemates and I remembered when I saw it that she had it on her wall in our student house in third year. I don't know why it's come to have spent so long in the garage but I plan to take it to the new house and find a home for it.

We've been spending a bit of time making little design boards for each of the rooms. An old friend has recently renovated a house a similar age to ours and has used Little Greene and Farrow and Ball paints. They're such a beautiful finish; so highly pigmented and nothing like Dulux, which I suppose we'd have used if it hadn't been for seeing our friends house. We're so excited about moving in and making it our own.

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