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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Ode to a Hat

Actually, I must come clean; there is no ode to follow I'm afraid to say. Just a lot of photos of my Kat hat from Kim Hargreaves lovely book, Precious, from which I also knitted Thea. Marno was having a mess around with the settings on his camera, hence the rather large number of photos of one of the smallest things it is possible to knit, but I loved how these turned out so thought I'd just go for the photo inundation. Here goes...

I'm not generally pleased with photos of myself, but I think the altered reality in these shots helps haha :)

I love how the first photo has a kind of halo around the hat, which is a pretty good representation of what Kid Classic is like - beautiful stitch definition, yet a lovely fuzzy halo over the surface. I've realised also, that if I want to spin yarns like this, its going to have to be long draw, and I don't have time to finish a huge great pile of Falkland (in the most beautiful pistashio colour) which is currently on my wheel, which I'm spinning short draw, to practise long draw. In fact, I can't remember how long ago it is now since I last sat at my wheel; a good few weeks. Very sad.

I am, however, progressing nicely with my Laar cardigan, which I'm knitting in Jillybean's Knot Another Granny Yarn in Staying Calm. I think the colour is called Staying Calm anyway - it's the colour of a calm sea in the early evening - beautiful. I bought it at Wonderwool a year and a half ago, totally on the spur of the moment; it was utterly irresistible. On the link, the top photo of it is more representative of the colour in real life.

So I am making a bit of progress with the making. Basically just trying to keep it going during these years when I can devote very little time to it. Like so many mummies out there.

Time to go and watch the Great British Bake Off!

xxx Sam

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