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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Thank you Santa

Pretty much exactly a year ago, we went to Shropshire with my lovely old schoolfriends for a reunion Christmas weekend. This is a (kind of) annual event and part of the weekend entails a secret santa, which is the cause of much hilarity. The gift I received, however, was far from hilarious, but a perfectly thought out and utterly suitable present, and I was, suffice it to say, astonished, to open the wrapping to reveal a beautiful hank of Colinette OneZero yarn. Mmmmm... soft and creamy white with cleverly placed splashes of pinks and purples, spun in a sequence of tight, followed by a massive, fat slub, followed by tight again - beautiful!

The hank, however, languished in a box for the year before I decided what to do with it. I'm not really a one-skein project kinda person, preferring the torture of knitting a sweater which takes forever, with no other works in progress (WIPs) alongside. But I'd just got to the end of a very large amount of stocking stitch on my Laar, and I suddenly felt the urge to produce something quick, which I could see grow before my very eyes. I opened the box in which the skein was kept (I hardly ever open this box, so every time, I was surprised to see the yarn haha!) and realised I had the perfect yarn with which to produce said project!

I had a quick gloss through Ravelry and decided a cowl would be the ideal project to show off the gorgeousness of this yarn. In fact, I pretty much decided on the first cowl project I saw - the Drop Stitch Cowl by Abi Gregorio. I'm delighted with how this cowl has turned out, and even more with how long (or short) it took - only a couple of evenings.

Here it is in all its glory, followed by some shameless selfies (I find that term hilarious!). Well, the light was perfect...

The last one's a bit rubbish because of the shadow, but you can see the gorgeous thickness and robustness of the yarn, even though it is gorgeously soft. I've hardly taken it off since I finished it; I know it'll be fantastic as a wear-in-the-house garment when it gets colder.

So thank you Santa, whichever one you were (though I have my suspicions...) - you've enabled me to have a gorgeous new winter garment!

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