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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Shellseeker Numero 2

As I discovered with Thea, ten weeks post birth + breastfeeding does not equal a good figure in which to pose in a newly knitted garment. However, since I have no idea how long it will take to reclaim my post baby figure (or indeed, if I will), here are some slightly reluctantly posted photos of my finally finished Shellseeker, almost completely reknitted as I frogged the whole body but hadn't knitted the arms.

This pocket is absolute genius. When you read ahead in the patttern, you haven't a clue how it's going to work, but it all becomes so clear once you arrive there.

I wasn't sure how the neck would hang, and considered adding a ribbed collar to give it some shape and structure, but it actually works perfectly now the ends are woven in.

 It's exactly what I wanted - a jumper that is casual, cosy and warm; that can be used for outdoor activities, but has the comfort of gorgeous, soft yarn (in this case, alpaca) that you can snuggle into on a cold evening. It was fun to knit, particularly due to the many "ah-ha" moments, and the rounds went quickly because of the divisions in each one of the front, back and pocket - it felt like there were targets constantly, pushing me on to the next one.

I'd definitely recommend this knit. The original is in cotton, which may, in the long term, be the best fibre due to the drapey nature of the finished garment, but at least I'll be warm in my alpaca!

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