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Saturday, 5 March 2011

Cardigan I finished ages ago

I planned to blog this ages ago but having little boy means I have to find a little spare moment to do it. The evening is best, but by that time I don't feel like thinking up what to write as my brain is a little turned to mush! But I've just been totally inspired by some Christadelphian friends on facebook who have started a craft collective and I realixed I shouldn't give up on my blog, even if I don't get to post all that often at the moment. I've been surprisingly productive lately, as it happens. I've been knitting Noah a cardigan, although I've nearly run out of yarn and I just have to collar left to do. Its actually the Baby Sophisticate Jacket, super easy to knit and very, well, sophisticated. I knitted a lovely lavender stuffed heart for a friend who had just moved into her new home, but our camera broke on holiday - it got sand in the lens - so we just upgraded it, but I wasn't able to photograph it. I'll have to sneak to her house and photograph it in situ. I'm knitting another heart at the moment and also thinking about what to do with these little fabric squares. Oh, and don't reming me about the pattern I'm writing. I will finish it, I just need daylight, and we've also ripped out our kitchen as we're getting a new one (good old Ikea) so our dining table/craft table (!) is cuurrently covered with pots and pans and foodstuffs. We are very blessed in that our oven was just plug in so we can keep it until the new one goes in, and we have a great camping hob with two gas rings. Marno has set up a makeshift kitchen in the dining room and we have a ittle breakfast bar to eat at. Perfect!

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, knitting. Here is the cardigan I finished. Kim Hargreaves "Thea". 

Sorry there aren't any good front pics - I was (and still am) breastfeeding, and in these photos it could, shall I say, fit a little better round the bust! haha! Its a lovely cardigan, knitted in gorgeous Rowan Kid Classic, but hence so warm that I can only really wear it when its really cold. Also it is a little shorter than I would have liked, which seems to be the general consensus on Rav, in the KH group. But overall, very nice, but pretty dull to knit.

Here is a picture I drew of Noah in a quick half hour when he was asleep in his bouncy chair. This is a couple of months old now, but a I said, I haven't posted in an age.

His lip looks a itte odd, but it is quite accurate. It tends to droop a little when he's asleep in his chair. Utterly gorgeous :)

Hopefully I'll have a finished cardigan to report on soon xxx

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