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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Not all my own work

I said I'd write about the lovely handmade gifts we received for Noah in my last post, so here we are. We were given three lovely cardigans, specifically handmade for Noah, and one handmade but purchased, by my sister along with some little booties. The three cardigans are what may be referred to as typical baby knits, but knowing what has gone into them just makes me love them. The stitch patterns are so pretty and I just really appreciate them.

I just love this blue cardigan. It looks so cosy and the stitch pattern is so pretty.

Close up of stitch pattern.

 Yellow cardigan with triangle edging (a similar edging as the mohair lace cardigan)

Close up of edging

White cardigan

We were also given three crochet blankets, two crocheted by one lady, Nancy, a dear friend of Ma's, who also knitted the yellow cardi, and the other by the same friend who knitted the white cardigan, Gill...

Nancy's blanket 1

Nancy's blanket 2 - what gorgeous edging!

Gill's blanket.

I have to say I haven't a clue about crochet though people keep telling me how easy it is... hmmm I have yet to be convinced!

And finally, this absolutely stunning quilt, made by Pam, another dear friend of Ma's, and the mum of one of Marno's friends from school.

She started making it when she found out I was pregnant, and its perfect for either a boy or a girl. I think it is so beautiful and it will certainly be adorning Noah's cot when he is older.

Oops, I almost forgot the cardigan my sister gave and the booties.

The kindness and generosity we have received from people has been utterly overwhelming. We have received such a massive amount of gifts (not handmade) and are so grateful to so many people. A baby seems to bring happiness to so many, and they are so ready to show it. Its a real lesson and I hope I don't forget it.

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