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Wednesday, 27 May 2009

My first spin and other stories

I haven't felt like writing much here recently. I've been really busy with life, which I'd rather, but I also haven't had any finished projects to show. Then I remembered I hadn't posted my spinning yet, which was rather exciting and I'm really looking forward to having another go.

I'm planning to knit a hat with it, as I thought I should knit something with my first effort.

The mohair cardigan is coming along nicely and is really enjoyable to knit.

Here is the main pattern, although for some reason blogger keeps turning my images around. This and the image below should be rotated 90 degrees anticlockwise.

In the magazine that the pattern is from, someone has done a practise swatch for the lace pattern. I was quite amused to discover, after the swatcher declaring how great it was that she had made the swatch as she could refer back to it when working on the real thing, that it is actually nothing like the pattern instructs. The pattern proper is correct but the border, so basically the whole of the wavy part at the bottom, is completely wrong.

I hope she didn't rely on it too much!

I'm rather excited as I have a new job starting next week. Ok, its unpaid, but I'm so looking forward to interacting with people in a work environment again. I'm going to be volunteering in a charity shop just down the road. I've been thinking about it for a while, and yesterday there was a big sign in one of the charity shop windows (there are many on this particular street), asking for volunteers. I went and asked for more information and had a nice chat with the assistant manager; I'm starting next Tuesday!

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  1. Your spinning looks great - so does the mohair cardi.


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