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Monday, 16 June 2014

Pretty Much Exactly Like Cinderella, or, From Rags to Riches

Hi Peeps,

Sorry it's been so long since I last posted. And I apologise because I know you are out there readers, because the most unexpected people tell me they've been reading, and that they've enjoyed reading, which really makes my day. So to everyone I've seen in the last couple of weeks who's told me they've been reading; Thank you! (I am aware of the three repeats of the word "reading" in that sentence, before you berate me for my grammatical ignorance!)

So yes, how much like Cinderella I really do often feel - constantly cleaning, cooking, ironing, mopping... ok, not so much of the mopping; I mopped my kitchen floor on Friday for the first time in... I'm actually embarassed to say. However, it does get swept many times a day! And actually this post is not about my domestic frustrations. I am actually a fastidiously tidy person, and I love, yes, love, tidying, organising and feeling in control of my household. I actually reasonably enjoy ironing, and it also presents an opportunity to listen to a Bible talk or some readings whilst I'm doing it. I hate wasting time, so if I can do that whilst doing domestic chores, so much the better. And cooking. Well everyone who knows me knows how I love cooking. I'm sorry everyone. I know I'm always going on about my weekly menu plans and Monday morning shop, which is not flexible under any circumstances! Haha!

So let me introduce you to the rag referred to in the title.

My skanky old apron

I apologise for using that word, but there really is none better to describe it. It was part of a wedding present, with some other things from the Burleigh collection of various pink prints on ceramic, which were transferred to coordinating textiles. And I have loved it 'til its bitter end. But, alas, the end did come.

As you can see, it was used not only for cooking, but occasionally for decorating too, notably Noah's room and the kitchen

There was nothing left of the ties...

...and there was a large patch in the centre front which had worn away, and because the fabric under the pvc coating was very thin, I generally had a damp patch on my stomach every time I finished washing up.

Quite some time ago, I spotted a gorgeous pvc fabric in Dunelm Mill, which I earmarked from that moment on to become my next apron. It took a little while, until really the old thing had gone beyond use, but I eventually headed down to Dunelm with the purpose of purchasing the fabric.

Here are some progress shots, into which I won't go into much depth because, you know, trade secrets (haha), but let me just tell you, it is not easy to sew a seam down pvc on a sewing machine with the right sides together! But fear not, I quickly devised a foolproof method involving paper and masking tape. You can probably get the general gist from the photos below.

Cutting the shape using the "old thing" as a template, adding a little length and width

Putting the ties in place and holding down the seams 

Masking down the curved bib seams

Attaching the neck loop

Ok, so neck loop is probably not the correct terminology for that part, but to be honest, I don't know what is, so it will do. This was a quick project, presenting a small challenge which was quick and easy to resolve, but which also enabled me to learn something new. 

So here is the finished apron; at least now Cinderella can cook and clean in style!

No more falling apart ties!

In situ in the kitchen

"Hmmm, which utensil shall I choose, because I'm really cooking right now, ok?"

"Oh, what could be in this tin? I shall investigate...

 ...ah ha! Some pancake biscuits from Lorna!"

And finally, some gratuitous photos of my new apron swaying gently in the breeze whilst hanging from the apple tree.

Well, at least these photos remind one of the spring sunshine. Perhaps I shall have to make an additional apron to permanently reside in the tree, so well it looks.

Well I shall now remove my tongue from my cheek, especially since I now appear to be lapsing into Pride and Prejudice-esque language, and say goodbye until next time, whenever that shall be. Thanks for reading, readers!

xxx Sam

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