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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

A Boy and Some Yarn

Noah really loves his yarn...

He likes to squish it and rub it against his face (preferably when his upper lip isn't covered in snot, as here!)

He likes to feel its softness...

 ...and see how much of it he can pile onto his lap.

Oh, and of course, he refers to it as "yarn", not "wool." Good boy!

Here, he is admiring 800g of Falkland I finished plying a while ago; the largest amount I've spun so far. Believe me, this was not a quick exercise. It took several months, and I think thats a generous guess, just in case anyone thinks I spend all my time knitting and spinning. The reason it took months is because I spend no time knitting and spinning! I just fit in a little bit maybe a couple of evenings a week when I'm not way too exhausted.This is why my poor blog gets so neglected; because I choose to do the creating rather than write about it.

I had earmarked this yarn, once finished, for a particular project, but I'm thinking more than ever that I'd rather use it for a design of my own. Its probably a 4-ply ish weight, and the singles are one pistachio colour, and the other a bluey-green-sea colour. The difference is subtle but works beautifully.

The last two photos are particularly vivid. I just put them on the arm of the sofa, on a particularly sunny afternoon, with the sun streaming onto them. You can see the colour differentiation best in the second and third photos. I'm pretty pleased overall. Watch this space for the next fifty years to see what it becomes!

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