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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

2 ply

I hereby proudly unveil my second ever plied yarn! With a bit of inspiration from my friend the Midnight Sheep, who was a great help in recommending which rovings to ply, I have finally produced another 2 ply yarn. I can't remember whether I ever posted about my lovely MIL's trip to the knitting and stitching show at Alexandra Palace last year, and the stash of dyed roving she brought back for me - I know I took photos with the intention of, but I may have got waylaid. Aaaanyway... I was showing said stash to Helena, who immediately saw a fantastic pairing that I just hadn't thought of. One roving was lilac with no varigation, the other was mainly green, with lights and darks, but also, as it happened, a little of the same lilac. An obvious pairing, but maybe I didn't think of it because I must admit to being far more drawn to block colours then varigated. So after many months, I can finally reveal the finished yarn, complete with progress shots just to give an idea of the individual colours.

And the finished skein...

The last one is taken in super vivid, just to emphasize the colours a little more, but actually the previous photos are quite a good representation of the true colours. If I were to name this yarn, it would have to be called Lilac Tree in Spring, as that is exactly what it reminds me of. We have a lilac tree at the bottom of our garden, but the blooms are always over so soon.

On a sadder note, and talking of the bottom of our garden which is where our rabbit's hutch is, we came back from a weeks holiday on Monday to find our previously healthy Little Bun in a state of unwellness. He had hardly touched his food or water since we'd been away, and his eyes were all red rimmed. We kept an eye on him yesterday, and he did venture outside his hutch (he isn't usually shut in so has full reign of the garden and only goes in to escape from Noah or to eat and drink) last night. But he seemed worse again this morning, so Marno took him to the vet this evening, who immediately diagnosed him as having myxomatosis, and recommended he be put down, as treatment is difficult for the rabbit and only has a 3% success rate. So Little Bun went to the vet with what I imagined to be overgrown back teeth, and didn't, in fact, come back. A very sad evening altogether. I know Noah will be very confused, as he adores Little Bun and spends many minutes standing at the patio door shouting "Bun, bun", and pointing at him, as well as trying to stroke him at every possible opportunity.

Having said all that, I don't really know how to end this post, so I'm just going to sign off I think - a cop out I'm afraid.

xxx Sam


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about Little Bun: Eoin only met him the once, and he was very taken already. Stephen wanted to say how sorry he was too. I don't really know how to sign off either, so I'll just say we'll all gibve you a big hug on Saturday xxx

    1. Thanks Lorna. I'm a bit lost for words, but very much looking forward to seeing you on Saturday xxx

  2. Oh no! That's rather devastating. But the yarn is beautiful. Look forward to seeing it knitted into that lovely Ysolda scarf! Got my drop spindle kit, but it's hard to tear myself away from my Owls project,,,,

  3. Oh, hon. And poor Bun.

    Lovely yarn though. Do you need some more roving to spin, cuz, er, I could probably sort you some? Hugs, -H

    1. Thanks for the sympathy H :-)

      Regarding more roving, that would be fab, though I don't know where you'd get it from... lol :-) I shall text you very soon about paying an evening, minus boy, visit xxx


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