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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

A Turn About the Garden

Yes! I've been so excited to finally write this post. I've been leading up to it shamelessly, which could have been dangerous as there was always the chance of stalling again, but I have, in fact, actually finished the Apres Surf Hoodie.

I was debating whether to knit the hood or not for a while, as I don't generally get on with hoods, I find them rather cumbersome and awkward to place when wearing a coat over the top. This is probably just me as I realize it does sound rather ridiculous as I write it, but nevertheless, a valid consideration since I'm going to be wearing it myself.  But after having scrutinized many, many Apres Surfs on Ravelry, I concluded that the hood is more like a light piece of additional fabric, rather than a huge bulk, and it does finish off the design beautifully, so I went along with it and am glad I stuck it out.

The yarn I used is Fyberspates Scrumptious 4ply sport superwash, which I bought at Wonderwool last year (more on this years WW coming soon), and it has proved the perfect choice and was a really pleasing yarn to work with. The skeins are pretty generous so I have a reasonable amount left to stash! Man, that hood though. It really was a work of patience to work my way through it after feeling like I'd finished the jumper when I completed the three needle shoulder bind-off. Speaking of that, I did use three new to me techniques including the three needle bind-off, plus provisional cast-on and i-cord bind off. I found them all really enjoyable to use, which may sound peculiar, but that is whan I love about knitting - the ingenuity of it. It looks so complicated to the untrained eye, but makes so much sense when you understand how stitches work with each other to create such a variety of effects.

Here are a few more gratuitious photos of the hoodie.

I think overall, it fits really well and the colour and yarn are perfect. The only thing I'd do differently is change up a needle size for the i-cord bind-off on the body and sleeves. I did for the hood, which has come out perfectly, but the cuffs and waist are a tiny, tiny bit tight but probably only noticable by me.

After ripping out my Spring Forward socks at the end of my last post, they have been re-cast-on and are going somewhat speedily for me. I've just printed out my next project, purchased on Rav, so lots in the pipeline, but I'm going to save that for next time as well, as I bought the yarn for that at Wonderwool.

Well, goodbye lovely readers. Leave me a little message. Have you knitted something which has just taken months and months, or even years? I have to say, the thing that attracted my to this project in the first place was the juxtaposition of a hoodie, usually associated with beach bums or chavs (!), with the use of lace to create a garment which is both beautiful and casual. What attracts you to a project and makes you want to give your time to it? I'd be really interested to know.

xxx Sam

Disclaimer: The beach bums and chavs comment was entirely for effect you understand. I do possess a couple of hoodies myself, though generally only wear them snowboarding on on outdoor activities - I can't deal with that hood problem too often!


  1. Loving the blog Sam! I currently have a project on the needles which is a year old, and I'm on just the first sleeve! Yep, nothing else completed! It's for someone rather larger than myself... Uh oh :-s. I'm totally into lace ATM - its so exciting watching the patterns emerge from a simple sequence of basic stitches. Do you buy most of your patterns? I'm tending to - which I'm happy about as I think it's good to value the creative work. I also tend to buy patterns from the same designer especially ones who blog. Somehow feeling like I know them a bit and can see the effort put in makes the process all the more enjoyable!

  2. Thanks Becky :-) I always find after knitting a lace project that I just want to do an easy stockinette project next, but then get slightly bored and long for some lace lol! I find most of my patterns on Ravelry, often linked to from the blogs I read. I totally agree that it's great to know what a designer has gone through to get to a pattern or whole collection. It's very inspiring. I've got a few sock patterns from knitty.com, and I also love Twist Collective. It has some really interesting articles as well as patterns :-)

  3. HiSamgoose!!Hoodie looks FAB!! well done you, I am impressed. Lovely meeting you at WW!

  4. Hi! lovely to see you at WW!! Hope you are warm now? Your hoodie is totally FAB, well done you! I am impressed


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